FAQ – Is Metric real money?

Is Metric real money?

Yes. Metrics can be traded, exchanged, and have value.

Are Metrics the same as Bitcoin?

No. Metrics are a digital currency, unlike Bitcoin. They feature privacy and have no transaction fees. The key features of Metrics are an elastic, predictable money supply, high transactability, and an incentive to spend the money, rather than hold it.

How long does a transaction take to complete?

Transactions complete immediately.

Is the price stable?

Yes. This is because the money supply is elastic and pegged to the number of verified members. It grows automatically as verified members join and use the platform. It prevents monetary inflation, and removes the incentives that cause currency deflation.

Can I invest in Metric like in bitcoin?

No. The currency is price stable, and designed for making transactions. There are no miners, and no incentive for holding the currency long term. You can, however, use Metrics to build wealth in new businesses, services, and products, by paying for goods and labor in Metrics.

Can I become a miner?

No, there are no miners.

How do I get an “air-drop”

You cannot. There are no air-drops, no early participation rewards, and no need for such things. Our foundation does not trade Metrics for other currencies, and is not for profit. When you confirm your identity you will begin receiving a UBI of M$10,000 monthly. Every beneficiary receives one and only one allotment, and unused money is continuously taxed away at a rate of 1% per month.

If every beneficiary receives M$10.000 each month, why isn’t there inflation?

The M$10.000 deposited each month is funded by a 1% draw that happens across the network. Accounts above M$1.000.000 will see their accounts shrink slightly every month (less than 1%). Accounts less than M$1.000.000 will see a slight increase every month, with an amount that becomes larger and larger the closer to M$0 the account is. Accounts at M$0 will see M$10,000 deposited. This is because 1% is being drawn, and M$10.000 are being put back in.

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